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Wendy Quetzal Morel Schramm

What I do can be named in different ways: teacher, professor, facilitator, etc… but for me will be an agent of change in the field that I love to work.

I studied veterinary, and I made a master in agricultural sciences; I worked in different fields, as a guide in a conservation park, as counselor, coordinator of summer courses…

But for the past 15 years I have been working with student of different ages, and I find my vocation working in a secondary and high school. I teach biology and anatomy and I love it!

I have the strong believe that we can do something for a better future, I think that we deserve a better world, a better quality life, and I have the conviction that the small actions can help to build the way to a better way of life.

 Currently I’m working as coordinator of the sustainable project in the school that I work, I want to transform the way we deal with the environment, try to direct the way of our community towards a sustainable path.

 We have been working in the management of the waste, water and energy; now is the time to act and implement the ideas of our community, as a reaction of the feeling to belong in a place a make it their own. 

Instituto Escuela del Sur

México D.F