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Giovanni Fonseca Fonseca

Who am I?
Although I am an engineer, I had discovered that my real vocation an passion is to be facilitator. I think that I have been one, from many years ago but I didn't know. I used to think that I loved to be teacher because since I was fifteen I used to give classes to my classmates that have some problems with maths and physics. During all those years that I helped people to understand better some common difficult subjects I understood and lived the constructivism by myself and I’ve loved it. Now I can say, I am a constructivist facilitator for sustainable development!

Current work position and Institution:
Coordinator of the Educational Program called ¡Hagamos un MILAGRO por el aire! at the Molina Center for Energy and the Environment.

Expertise area:
Education for sustainable development (ESD) on private schools, sustainable management at universities, training teacher on new strategies on ESD and non formal ESD on middle and high school levels.

Professional profile:
Electric and Electronic Engineer, Biomedical Engineer.

Interesting links:
The documentation website about my inoovation project: sites.google.com/site/ccxxic
More information about my current institution: www.mce2.org/hagamos