ESD traveler book

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This book is a project we started in Austria, Germany, India, Mexico, Poland and South Africa in order to create history and a future vision. The ESD Traveler Book is a project which aims at:
  • Thinking about our local surrounding and our everyday life.
  • Asking ourselves: How do we want our future to look like?
  • Sharing our ideas with people from all around the world.
In order to make our ideas happen, the book will be traveling to international events, such as the Round Table of the United Nations Decade Education for Sustainable Development in Germany (November 16th 2012). Also we want to share this book amongst those who
contributed to it. So if you are one of the finders we will send you the digital version of the first edition.

If you found the ESD traveles book and have followed the instructions, you can now choose between two different options:

* If you have a facebook account you can click here and visit our page for uploading your picture and comments,

* if you don't have facebook account you can fill the form below.